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Birds of Life Foundation supports his Russian partner – GALCHONOK

Updated: May 3, 2021

Summer is soon! Let's train meaningfully!

The GALCHONOK Foundation has launched an uplifting campaign about the fact that everyone can achieve its hights. The Ambassador of the campaign Tatiana Donskova will run 420 km to support Galchonok Foundation and our kids. She will plant the GALCHONOK FLAG on Elbrus!

Our families every day overcome their obstacles on the way to the goal – step by step, step by step… one foot in front of the other. With lots of hard work they find the motivation to move forward.

Join us! Everyone can add a new meaning to their usual workouts. We will add up all the miles and kilometers for all the participants who upload the photos or video of their trackers with the hashtag #galchonokchallenge #birdsoflifechallenge. We are waiting for the stories of your personal overcomes and victories under the same tags.

You can support Tatyana and our Foundation

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