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Help us support children and families from Ukraine

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We help children, youth, and adults with special needs that need urgent help. Birds of Life Foundation has opened a humanitarian mission which main goal is to provide the required support to families who were impacted in Ukraine.


We will expand direct assistance to hospitals, orphanages, and families in Europe and the US.

We believe that together we can really make the difference for the better!

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ANNA_MARIA, 2 years old.

Congenital anophthalmia in both eyes.

Anna-Maria is a wonderful girl who changes lives of those around her. Right after she was born, she was examined by ophthalmologists in Lvov and Kyiv, and they diagnosed her with congenital anophthalmia in both eyes. To keep the symmetry of the face, formation of the eye sockets, and eyelid functions, she is in need of regular eyeball prosthetics. After long discussions, we chose a surgery clinic in Poland to perform a series of 7 surgeries with variant of self-expanding type of eye implants.

They have already performed 5 surgeries. The total cost of the remaining surgeries, travel costs, and accommodation is $13,000.

Anna-Maria has low muscles tone, which prevents her from holding her head up, sitting, and walking on her own. Because of this, she needs a long-term assistant and a proper rehabilitation.

Anna-Maria and her mother are currently in Poland, where she will attend rehabilitation courses in Olinek Centrum Intemsywnej Terapii, Warsaw. The initial cost of the first therapy is $800. She needs to take special developmental classes, including swimming. The cost of these classes is $145 per month. 

GREGORY, 3.7 years old. 

Speech delay, Autism spectrum disorder.

Gregory and his family run to Madrid, Spain and found a temporary shelter. It was a long stressful and hard trip with a lot of complication. Today, Gregory needs new diagnostics and lab-testing in Reabilitacion Infantile Espencializada center in Madrid, Spain. Our Foundation will cover this procedures and a regular long-term rehabilitation which include ongoing sessions with therapist and psychologist, medication for his condition and specialized diet . 


For now we need $500 for initial examination in new clinic in Madrid. In future we are hoping with your help to cover his month-to-month rehabilitation needs.

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VLADIMIR, 11 years old. 

Microcephaly, spastic tetra paresis, symptomatic epilepsy.

Vladimir was diagnosed with delay in physical and psychological development at birth, official diagnose was microcephaly, spastic tetra paresis, symptomatic epilepsy.

Vladimir and his family flees from Ukraine to Krinica-Zdrój, Poland there they currently residing. His family is looking for new doctors and a rehabilitation center. After completing the examination at the new center, he will be assigned a rehabilitation course, as well as a new wheelchair.

For daily support, it’s necessary for him to take the anticonvulsant medication- Depaktin. 

At the moment we are hoping to collect $600  for the examination and purchase of medication and other necessary daily items.

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